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Skywalk Masala3 LTF09:B | EN:A

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€ 3.190,00

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JET FLAP lightweight glider – LTF09: A | EN: A
Whether you plan to fly in relaxed or extreme conditions with your MASALA3 – for us skywalkers, the MASALA3 is simply the paraglider for all pilots who want to rediscover freedom every day.

Masala Petrol

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€ 3.190,00


JET FLAP lightweight glider – LTF09: B | EN: B
We have developed the MASALA3 for all Hike&Fly pilots, mountaineers and ambitious para-alpinists, who always want to carry their ultralight equipment with them. The lightest paraglider in our lightweight line can be folded as small as a bath towel and fits in the smallest backpack. But the MASALA3 is more than just a quick way for alpinists to get down the mountain. Its balanced flight characteristics carry you playfully from thermal to thermal and it’s so simple to fly that even student pilots will find it easy to enter the third dimension.

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