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Gin Vantage

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€ 3.253,79

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Vantage sizes: 22, 24, 26
EN B / LTF 23-05

Gin Vantage

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€ 3.253,79


The Vantage is the new intermediate paramotor wing from GIN, created for pilots looking for good performance and handling with the ease-of-use and security of a classic EN B paragliding wing. On the ground, the well-proven profile and advanced leading edge system makes the Vantage both easy to inflate in nil wind, and easy to control in windier take-off conditions. In the air, the Vantage is perfectly balanced on the pitch axis, which damps the engine thrust and any turbulence. This outstanding balance produces a smooth a relaxing flying experience, yet still gives useful feedback from the air. The Vantage is highly manoeuvrable, with precise yet smooth handling, and thermalling is effortless. The overall efficiency of the wing gives excellent performance and fuel efficiency, and the double hang-point risers with trim system is suitable for all types of suspension systems. The speed system, developed using GIN technology from competition paragliding, allows a wide speed range. The performance, sink rate and security of the Vantage also make it equally well-suited to flight without a motor. The Vantage is certified to the latest LTF 23-05 paramotoring standard and is DGAC (France) approved. Discover performance, peace and pleasure with the Vantage…

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