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Gin Safari Passenger

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€ 660,01

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The Safari Passenger weighs only 1.7kg and packs quickly and easily. It is made of high quality, durable materials such as premium quality webbing and our latest honeycomb fabric. The profile is compact, whilst comfort in the air is excellent. There are no pressure points, even on longer flights.

Safari passenger

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> Split leg geometry offers manoeuvrability on ground and makes harness easy to get into
> Airbag with pre-inflation for maximum security
> Velcro on shoulder straps with safety loop for attachment of pilot's instruments
> Protective skid guard under seat (removable and replaceable)
> Safe-T buckle on chest strap
> Thread-through buckles on leg straps for added security with dual runs of webbing for safety and comfort
> 2 zipped lateral pockets
> "Safety handles" for ground assistance
> EN and LTF certified

Weight 1.7kg

Size One size

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