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Gin Safari Pilot

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€ 710,00

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The GIN Safari Pilot is a lightweight harness with split leg support and integrated rescue container that makes no compromises in safety or comfort.
This all-in-one harness is GIN's answer to pilots' demands for an everyday harness that is lighter and more compact, but is still easy to use, safe and very comfortable. The harness provides great comfort due to the ergonomic shape of the back and the multiple adjustments.
Like all the other harnesses in the GIN range, the Safari Pilot is comfortable, even on long flights.
LTF/EN Certification
The package of around 2.6 kg is ideal for tandem piolots 

Gin Safari Pilot

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> Split leg design with adjustment strap
> 14cm mousse bag
> T-lock safety buckle on chest strap
> Selfie stick loops
> Dorsal rescue container designed for rapid and easy deployment
> Shoulder straps adjusted near the hips to allow cleaner routing of rescue bridle
> Large back pocket with integrated radio pocket
> Camera pocket with safety loop
> EN and LTF certified

Weight 2.6kg

Size One size

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